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Office Package policies provide precise coverage for your business needs. Package policies combine general liability coverages with various business property coverages to include a comprehensive range of options for your firm.

Nielsen & Geenty Insurance Services has been providing reliable insurance coverage in California for over ten years. Office Package policies or Commercial Package Policy insurance provides a custom approach to securing insurance protection for small business’s in a variety of areas. Our experienced staff will help you pick options from property, liability, commercial auto, and umbrella coverage.

Nielsen & Geenty offers office package policy insurance from some of the strongest insurance and asset management organizations in the world. Financial strength, experience, and commitment make Nielsen & Geenty Insurance Services a business partner you can trust.

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Available Office Insurance Coverage:

  • Valuable Paper Coverage – for the cost to restore information from documents, such as case files, legal records, deeds, abstracts, or law libraries.
  • Money & Securities Coverage – protection against the theft of money being held for client bail, as well as for jewelry and other valuables held as collateral for bail.
  • Fine Arts Coverage – for paintings and other pieces of art displayed in the law office.
  • Business Income Loss Coverage – protects you against loss of income (based on billable hours) from business interruption for up to 12 months, and pays the full cost of necessary extra expenses to keep you in business.
  • EDP Equipment Coverage – a base level of protection is built into the Precision policy, and you have the option to increase the level or to schedule high value items.
  • Personal Property in the Care, Custody & Control Coverage – broad protection against loss of evidence being held for use in court proceedings.
If you have any questions about California lawyers malpractice insurance or other California insurance options, please call us at 877-856-9231.  We also have an insurance glossary to help you make the most informed choice.

We provide superior claim service. We understand how important continuous operation is to any business.  Even a brief interruption can be costly and difficult.  The claim representatives of our insurance options understand how difficult a business shut down would be for you.  So, while they provide service that’s fast, responsive, and fair, their ultimate goal is to minimize your business disruption and get you back to full operation as quickly as possible.

We are backed by the best technology. At Nielsen & Geenty, our technical know how and experience make us the best choice for insurance coverage.  We are using the best tools to make sure every claim is handled quickly and efficiently.  We can serve you at lower cost and better service because of our commitment to technology.

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